What are the best car insurance companies?

Asking what are the best car insurance companies is a tough question to answer. It’s one of those questions that comes with a “it depends” and based on “circumstances” type of answer.

There are sources that are at least somewhat unbiased in their evaluations of the insurance business and specifically car insurance.
Let’s see what they have to say…

JD Power [1] (one of the foremost survey authorities) rates auto insurance companies by two categories; 1. Insurance Shopping and 2. Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction. They have (arguably) the most thorough and scientific methodology for picking quality companies of many stripes.

JD Power – US Insurance Shopping Study 2015 – Tops Overall: [2] 

  1. Erie Insurance
  2. The Hartford
  3. USAA
  4. Amica Mutual
  5. Auto Club Group

JD Power – US Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study 2015 – Tops Overall [3] 

  1. Auto-Owners Insurance
  2. NJM Insurance Company
  3. USAA
  4. Amica Mutual
  5. The Hartford

There are many other purveyors of “best” lists:

Insure .com list of “Best Insurance Companies – Customer Review Rankings [4] 

  1. AAA Insurance
  2. USAA
  3. State Farm
  4. Erie Insurance
  5. Progressive

Reviews .com Top Picks [5] 

  1. Amica
  2. State Farm

The lists above rate auto insurance companies across the entire United States. JD Power provides these advantage of these same surveys by Region. The closer the results are filtered by geographic area, the more likely they are to be meaningful. It should be noted that not all the companies shown even write auto insurance in all US jurisdictions.

What matters to you?

  • Price – No one company will provide the best price for all people, place or situation. A carrier that is the most competitive in a particular scenario will likely not be, in another. Only accurate comparison quotes will tell what company is competitive for your situation.
  • Coverage – Despite the way auto insurance is marketed, all insurance is not the same.  Coverage enhancements, and limits of coverage vary.
  • Service – Service provided for things like billing, endorsement requests, company underwriting and especially claims, can affect what satisfy’s consumers.

The real question is which car insurance company is the “best” for your situation. Do you prefer local agent representation or to interface exclusively online/over the phone? Which company provides you with competitive rates? What company provides superior claims service in your area?

If you’re looking for a biased personal favorite… you are welcome to check out my post on which insurance company is the best. I’d also offer a best way to shop for auto insurance!

Which is “Best” will “depend” on your specific “circumstances”. It may be an unnamed company that quietly didn’t make any list!

Best wishes with your efforts to find the best!