Who is considered the best car/Home insurance company?

Who is considered The best Car/Home insurance company? That question is akin to… Who is the best mutual fund company? The best bank? The best restaurant chain?

The answer is the same for each of those questions. It depends.

What are the primary considerations in selecting the best Car and Home Insurance company?

  • Rates vary widely
    • Your best rate will depend on a broad range of unique personal factors. The company most competitive for one individual will likely not be for another.
  • Coverage Enhancements and Options differ
    • Despite notions to the contrary coverage options and enhancements vary by company and product.
  • Claims Service Ranges from great – to – not so much
    • The most competitively priced company may not have the best reputation for service, claims or otherwise.
    • JD Power & Associates provides an objective and reputable look at how insurance companies rank in terms of service. You can check their rankings out here. Some of JDP’s rankings also break down results regionally.
  • Your Region, State, Locale makes a big difference
    • One company may be a champ in many ways regionally or statewide, but then not in your particular locale. Some of this depends on their staffing levels and competency for your jurisdiction.

As much as I hate to answer questions like this, you see… it depends.

How can you find the best Car/Home insurance company for my situation?

Call upon the services of an Independent Insurance Agent who can quote multiple companies at once. One visit or phone call can lead to finding the best balance of price, coverage and service for your particular situation.

  • To find an Independent Agent in your area:
    • TrustedChoice .com – Search for agents that belong to the Independent Insurance Agents of America’s Trusted Choice Program
    • Google Search – A simple Google Search using Google Maps and the search term “Independent Insurance Agent near me” will yield a number of choices.

Bottom Line: No one insurance company provides the best rates, coverage or service for both Auto and Home. Finding a professional to help wade through the myriad of choices can be a valuable resource to help pare down the company that best fits your situation. An Independent Insurance Agent brings that benefit among many others.